2013 Winter Junior League Round 3

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F1 Boston Winter/Spring Junior League Race Report: Round 3


Braintree, MA (March 1, 2013) – F1 Boston’s Winter/Spring Junior League Round 3 is in the books and the competition across the board is off to a flying start. The 11-round League features 8 classes, grouping competitors according to age, size, ability and experience.  The top 6 drivers in each class also qualify for a season-ending Championship Finale.   Each round includes a practice session, followed by three heats.  Here’s a look at the highlights:


Nathan Laverdure won his second round of the season in Group 1AA, earning 32 points by winning his second and third heats, landing fourth in heat #1 plus a fast lap bonus point.  With 90 points, he’s off to a fast start and is leading in the series standings by 14 points.  Simon White took second with 27 points featuring a win in his final, second in heat #2 plus a fast lap – he’s also second in the standings with 76 points.  Luke Marcheski was third, grabbing 24 points as he got faster in each heat – placing fourth, third and second respectively.  Marcheski is fifth in the season-long points chase with 69.  Ryan Haartz was next placing second in his first heat, third and fifth in the others – with 73 points he’s in fourth place for the season, a point out of the third spot.  Christian Abbate was fifth with 22 points highlighted by winning his first heat and a fast lap point.  Brandon Haley (21 points) is third in the standings with 74 points.


Jonathan Schores took top honors in Group 1A, winning the first heat and placing second the others, plus two fast laps to earn 34 points.  He moves into fifth place in the standings with 63 points.  Eamon Whitmore was second with 32 points fueled by winning the middle heat, placing second in heat #1 and third in the final, plus a fast lap – with 77 points he sits atop the leader board for the season.  Michael Toner took third with 23 points, highlighted by a victory in the final; he’s second in the standings with 69 points. Hans Morris was next with 21 points highlighted by placing third in the first two heats and fifth in the final.  Morris is third in the standings as well, with 67 points.  Cameron Dunlap rounded out the scoring with 17 points, giving him 65 for the season and fourth place. 


The big field in Group 1B saw Hugh North claim victory, earning 36 points by winning his first and final, placing second in his middle heat, plus two fast laps.  Andres Albornoz took second by winning his middle heat, taking second in the final and third in his first run, plus a fast lap to earn 31 ponts.  Nick Friend captured third in his first round of the season with 30 points featuring wins in his first and final heats.  Jack Walker posted 26 points to land fourth by taking second in his heat #1 and third in the others – he’s fifth in the standings with 61 points.  Patryck Edgerton was fifth with 25 points powered by winning his first heat and taking third in heat #2.  Michael Panico (21 points) is the leader in the standings with 81 points; Logan Kress (21 points) has 73 for second; Luke O’Grady (20 points) is third with 66; and Nicholas Pregoni (12 points) is fourth with 63.


Group 2AA had only three competitors in the round with Jack Bennett taking top honors and 31 points powered by winning the final two heats, placing second in heat #1 plus grabbing all three fast laps.  Carter Hobbs and Jonathan Trieloff tied for second with 22 points each – Hobbs won the first heat and Trieloff took second in the middle and final heats.  Bennett (93 points), Hobbs (71 points) and Trieloff (57 points) are the top three in the standings, as well.


Quinn Yardley and Raymond Parent tied at the top of 2A with 23 points apiece.  Yardley placed second in his first two heats, third in the final and a fast lap – he has 73 points for the season and remains in first place.  Parent won his middle heat, placed fourth and fifth in the others, plus two fast laps; he’s second in the standings with 65 points.  Thomas Briggs was third with 22 points including a win in his first heat and taking second in the middle race.  Briggs stands in fifth place with 57 points for the season.  Reagan Parent scored 21 points and fourth place featuring a win in the final – Reagan, with 64 points is third in the standings, just a point back of sibling Raymond.  Marissa Morgan was fifth with 19 points, winning her first heat and placing fourth and fifth in the others.  Anthony Wainwright (18 points) is fourth in the standings with 61 points.


With four racers in 2B, Dillan McCullough drove to victory, earning 28 points by winning the first and final heats, placing second in the middle race – with 59 points he’s second in the standings.  Joseph Mello was second, winning heat #2 and placing second and third in the others plus a fast lap to earn 25 points.  He’s the leader for the season with 72 points.  Next was Kyle Cipullo with 20 points placing second, fourth and third in his heats respectively.  He has 55 points on the season and is in third place. Egan Wong rounded out the scoring with 17 points. With 45 points,, he’s also fourth on the leader board.  Ryan MacDonald is fifth in the standings with 36 points.


In Group 3A, Charlie Marcheski grabbed victory, powered by winning the first and final heats to earn 24 points – he lands second in the standings with 64 points.  Nehal Ramlukan took second with 23 points that featured a win in heat #2 and second in heat #1, plus fast laps – Ramlukan leads for the season with 73 points.  Aiden Jennette scored 20 for third place by taking second in heat #2, fourth and fifth in the others, plus a fast lap.  With 58 points, Jennette is third for the series. Sebastian Correa was fourth with 17 points highlighted by landing second in the final and top five in the others – he’s also fourth for the season at 56.  Mia Ignoto was fifth with 14 points including two top five finishes in the round – she’s fifth for the series with 48 points.


Alec Fedele dominated 3B with a perfect score of 33 – winning all three heats and collecting each fast lap points as well.  The round gives him 55 points for the season and he moves into third place.  Next was Evan Marchand with 22 points earned by placing second in the final and middle heats, and third in heat #1 – he’s first in the standings with 70 points. Aleesa Mardirossian took home 18 points for third place featuring second place in heat #1; she has 36 points and fifth place in the standings.  Dan Dennehy earned 15 points in his first round of the season and Bridget Duffy scored 14 – Duffy has 43 for the season, good for fourth place.  Jack Rounds (57 points) is second in the standings.


Junior League competitors may enter as many rounds as desired – drivers competing for the season championships must attend at least 8 rounds.  Points in each round are awarded to the by the top 10 finishers in descending order, with the drivers turning in the fastest lap in each race picking up an extra point.  Standings can be found at www.F1Boston.com/league_results.htm.  The League is open to all drivers with F1 Boston Junior Competition License that have completed an F1 Boston Junior Novice Racing Academy or Camp.


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