2013 Winter Leagues Pro Round 4

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F1 Boston’s 2013 Adult Winter Pro League: Round 4 Report

Ray Kobbs (HW) & Joe Mega (LW) Take Top Honors


Braintree, MA (March 5, 2013) – Round four of F1 Boston’s Adult Winter Pro League took place last Friday and with only two rounds left, bragging rights for top spots in the standings is heating up. The Pro League is designed for drivers who are looking to race in a tight and seriously competitive environment.  Each round features three heats preceded by a qualifier.  The top eight drivers from each weight class earn a birth in the season finale Championship Race – each driver’s best five rounds count towards qualification for the finale.  Here’s a look at the action:


Heavyweight Division

Ray Kobbs won his first round of the season in heavyweight, scoring 34 points by winning the final and placing third in the first two heats. The victory gives Kobbs 90 points for the season and moves him into a tie for fifth place. Richard Blanchard took second with 32 points featuring a win in heat #2, placing second in the final, sixth in the first heat, plus a fast lap. He remains atop the leader board with 153 points – 43 points out in front.  Ryan Duke grabbed 30 points for third place highlighted by winning heat #1 and placing third in the final, plus a fast lap – he moves into second place in the standings with 110 points. Mark Keene was next with 26 points, placing second in the first heat and top five in the others.  With 90 points, Keene is tied with Kobbs for fifth in the standings. John Hintze and Sean Neal each picked up 23 points and a tie for fifth place in the round.  Hintze is third for the season with 104 points; Neal is fourth with 93.


Lightweight Division

After missing round 3, Joe Mega bounced back with the victory in lightweight, grabbing 36 points by winning the last two heats and placing fourth in heat #1 – he moves up two spots in the standings to claim second place with 105 points. Rob Johnson had his best round of the season, earning 30 points for second place; he took second in both of the last two heats and fifth in heat #1.  Johnson has 76 points for the season, tying him with Richard Hemingway (18 points in the round) for fifth in the standings.  Series leader Fred Fawcett took third with 29 points highlighted by winning the first heat and placing fourth in the final, plus two fast laps – he has 133 points in the standings.  Lenny Mangano was next with 24 points by placing third, fourth and fifth, respectively – he’s also fourth in the standings with 99 points. Jeff Gutterson rounded out the fast five with 19 points highlighted by taking second in heat #1. Alex Gomes (16 points) is third in the standings with 104.


Round five will be held March 15th.  Here are the current Pro League standings:


F1 Boston Winter Pro League – HW Division

Place     Driver                         Rd 1     Rd 2     Rd 3     Rd 4     Total

1.           Richard Blanchard     40         36        45          32        153

2.           Ryan Duke                 34         22        24          30        110

3.           John Hintze                28         26        27          23        104

4.           Sean Neal                  23         17        30          23         93

5.           Mark Keene               26          21        17          26         90

5.           Ray Kobbs                  --          34         22          34         90

7.           Marc Thomas             13         19         12           --          44

8.           Nathan Brown            16          13         12           --         41


F1 Boston Winter Pro League – LW Division

Place     Driver                         Rd 1     Rd 2     Rd 3     Rd 4     Total

1.           Fred Fawcett              38        37          29        29        133

2.           Joe Mega                   33        36           --         36        105

3.           Alex Gomes               27        19           42        16        104

4.           Lenny Mangano         26        22           27        24         99

5.           Rob Johnson              20         --           26        30         76

5.           Richard Hemingway   11         18          29        18         76

7.           Jeff Gutterson             22        25            --        19         66

8.           Arnold Milks                12        23            --        17         53


League standings and complete statistics can be reviewed at www.F1Boston.com/league_results.htm.


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