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Drive Daytona...Hit the Side Rail...Make a Pit-Stop to Refuel...


F1 Boston's Tracks, Billiards Room and the Ascari Restaurant and Bar let you do it all in the same night!


Throughout the 106,000 sq. ft. facility, you’ll find places to sit and relax, eat, drink, and make merry!



A Little Friendly Competition...
With Championship Brunswick pool tables, comfortable leather seating and a fireplace, the billiards room is the perfect place to unwind in the company of friends. 



Food with a view at Ascari Restaurant and Bar at F1 Boston. The Trackside Lounge overlooks Track 1, so you can watch the racing and see how others compete. Plus with F1 Boston's giant sport screens and dozens of monitors you can keep up with the Sox, Pats, Celtics,   Bruins, golf, racing and much more!




So choose your favorite way to relax and let F1 Boston entertain you!


Absolutely no drinking is allowed before you race at F1 Boston.





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