Endurance Racing

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Endurance Racing... The Ultimate Driving Challenge


Push Yourself to the Limit!

Registration forms are now available. Get details on race rules and procedures for the 90 minute endurance race.


Finding that you just can't get enough?


A blend of teamwork, consistency and outright speed is necessary to succeed in F1 Boston's 1 1/2 and 3-hour Endurance Races.


Endurance races feature timed practice, with the fastest team taking Pole Position, followed by the race itself. Teams choose when to change driver or re-fuel, although each team must make at least five pit stops and driver changes during the 1 1/2 hour race and ten pit stops during the 3-hour race.

Endurance Formats

The Le Mans format has been offered in formats ranging from 1 to 12 hours of actual track time.


Longer Endurance Races are planned - including the ultimate: a 24-hour race!


In every Endurance Race, the top three teams receive awards at the podium. And every team will have been pushed to the limit - of strength, competition and sheer excitement.


Call the Leagues and Schools office at 781-228-2009.



The Thrill of Racing Open To All!