Gifts & Trophies

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Commemorate Your Event Like Never Before!

Reward your team for a job well done.

Trophies, Gifts and Customized Clothing

Nothing commemorates your event like customized gifts from F1 Boston.


Imagine a racing jacket with your corporate logo, or trophies in recognition of excellent team performance. At F1 Boston, we can provide the perfect gift items for your next event.


You can thank a client, commemorate a special event or express your appreciation to friends and family. Call us and let us find the perfect solution for you. Let your guests know they're worth it.


F1 Boston can create virtually any trophy, gift, clothing or racing item, with your name, product, logo or anything you like.


All our custom clothing is the high quality that ensures that your guests will want to wear it, again and again. From simple hats to leather jackets and everything in between, we do it all. Call 781-228-2010 for details.



Reward Your Team With The Perfect Premiums.