Junior Racing

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Teaching More Than Just Racing!

Give your child confidence.
Sportsmanship, Coordination, Responsibility...That's Racing
Most professional racing stars of the present day, Jeff Gordon, Juan Montoya and Tony Stewart, to name a few, started their careers by developing skills at an early age through Kart racing.
Introduce a child (age 7 to 17) to the same opportunity as these stars. Help them to learn
  • Sportsmanship - a genuine respect for the other drivers (on the track…or on the road.)
  • Coordination - a sense of timing and the ability to plan ahead
  • Self Reliance - Once the green flag drops…they're on their own
  • Competition - racing hard, playing hard, competing hard…and fairly
  • Responsibility - a sense of awareness and concern for the safety of others
  • Pride and Accomplishment - whether they finish first, or last, knowing that they did their best. …who knows…maybe they'll be the next Sarah Fisher or Michael Schumacher!

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The Thrill of Racing Open To All!