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Did you catch this year’s Indy 500? It was another incredible race at the Brickyard that featured a great finish and great team strategy from winner Dario Franchitti and his Chip Ganassi Racing pit crew. He entered the last lap with the lead under a yellow flag and running on fumes, Dario and his team made the decision not to refuel – to stay out there and either win it or run out of gas trying.
The strategy paid off big time as he joins an elite group of Indy 500 repeat winners. After the race he was quick to credit the job his team did on the car –Dario led 155 of the 200 laps, which is pretty impressive.
Want to get your own a taste of the teamwork and strategy that makes Motorsports one of the greatest sports ever? Try an endurance kart race.  Enduro’s have a team format, where usually 2 to 4 drivers take turns behind the wheel. It’s great because each team has to decide when to fuel and how rotate the drivers. For more information, check out the endurance racing page.
Tell us about your favorite Indy 500 memory, or best enduro race story.




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